Life Update: Travel Plans

With one exam to go before im ready to jet off overseas again I thought I would just post something light-hearted outlining my plans abroad so that if anyone has any questions they can ask before I head off and I can try figure out the answer. I am also super excited to head off as it will give me much more creative energy and so I really wanted to post something before I leave!

For those reading who don’t know I am headed off on a study tour to China and then travelling a wee bit of Asia afterwards. This means that this time around it will not be solo travel which if you havent already read my thoughts on head down my feed a little!

I’m super excited but also super nervous as I have never been away for this much time (almost two months!!). It will also be winter in China so to be leaving the NZ summer behind I think could add to homesickness.

Heading to China I am really looking forward to making friends over there and visiting different places including the Yellow Mountain’s, Great Wall of China and The Terracotta Army. I think the whole experience and cultural exchange is going to be something I am very fortunate to be a part of.

After my time in China I am headed to Hong Kong for Christmas, Thailand for New Years and then Laos before making my way home.

I cant wait to share my experience’s and I am most excited for Laos as I feel it will be an incredible place to visit that a lot of people don’t know much about.

Just a quick post/update.

Much love, Cait xx