First off I want to apologize for the lack of posts. I have taken a lot of time out recently to spend time on myself and my studies and I have been meaning to write this for a wee while so let’s get into it.

This year has been an absolute rollercoaster ride and although there have been many positive things happening I have often let rejection in other areas over shadow this.

Rejection doesn’t have to be in relationships. It takes many forms and it has often left me struggling to comprehend it. I am no expert but I wanted to give my advice to anyone who feels any form of rejection in their life.

Firstly, as harsh as it sounds no one gets through life without some form of rejection and the sooner you accept this the easier it becomes to deal with. I know this isn’t easy though. I hadn’t really ever dealt with rejection until this year and for me it came in waves. You just have to remember that sometimes things aren’t meant to be, take some time and then pick yourself back up and carry on.

Secondly, it’s okay to talk to people about it even if you don’t think they understand. Sometimes expressing how you feel helps you understand something better yourself.

Third, often rejection isn’t based on you it’s to do with another person’s issues or things going on in the world that are just simply not in your favor. Of course it’s very easy to overthink and question your own self in these times but you honestly can’t let yourself delve too far down these holes.

Instead I think the most important thing to do when facing rejection is take a step back and consider yourself from your own point of view. If you are happy from within and believe in yourself then it should not matter how others view you or what obstacles are put in your way.

If anyone is struggling with rejection I’m always here to chat as I believe it is so important and without the amazing girls in my life I would still be stuck questioning myself.

Peace and love.

Cait xx


6 thoughts on “Rejection.

  1. Thank you for your kind presence. I have experienced enough rejection in life, to fill a volume. I have also experienced enough acceptance and love in life, to fill two more volumes. Often, the rejection and love have come from the same people, at different times.

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