Why Austria should be on EVERYONES bucket list!

Whilst in Europe I was lucky enough to be picked up from the airport in Germany and whisked away to Austria and the only thing I regret is not having already planned to go there because it was amazing!

One thing I will mention which was crazy in my opinion was how easy it was to cross the boarder. You literally just drive from one country into another and if the road signs didn’t change colour you may not have even realised.

Whilst in Austria we visited Salzburg which was epic. Ed Sheerans castle on the hill came to mind a lot because there is a beautiful castle up a hill from which the views over Austria are breathtaking.

Kitzbuhel, a small alpine town was just as pretty and I would love to go back in winter. The alps are crazy. If you like to ski Austria should definitely be on your bucket list.

Christmas in Austria is my new dream and if you’re a fan of the holiday season like myself I think it should be the white Christmas destination of choice for everyone. Christmas markets and beautiful hand made decorations that honestly can’t be described are part of the reason why a Christmas in Austria needs to be done.

If you can get away from this thought that we need to visit big cities and want to relax Austria is perfect. Take your camera. It will get a lot of use. And I mean who doesn’t love a beer garden and some cows with bells?

Peace and love and sorry for my inconsistent posting I’ve just been a bit lost.

Cait xx


9 thoughts on “Why Austria should be on EVERYONES bucket list!

  1. You’re right it should be on everyone’s bucket list. You need to visit Vienna too.

    PS There are no border controls among EU member countries, except UK

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  2. Austria has found its way onto my itinerary of central and eastern Europe for a long journey, in about three years. Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Klagenfurt are “anchors” of the Austria segment of the sojourn, with Vienna taking up about four days of its own.

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  3. I consider Austria underrated compared with Germany. I visited Salzburg, Vienna, Melk, and Durnstein in 2016, and I thought they were all really lovely. Glad you enjoyed your time, and I look forward to more posts from you!

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