Reality of traveling solo! 12 hour update.

I have embarked on my journey and am quickly learning some ins and outs of traveling alone so here are a few things I have picked up in just 12 hours!

1. You have a lot of time to reflect. Reflection is something I have needed to do lately and so although it has been a bit bumpy I am glad I have had the time to do so.

2. You have to pack your stuff up every time you need some water or the bathroom or what not else. Honestly I read this before I left and was like oh it won’t be that bad but I have seriously learnt how much I usually rely on others to look after my things quickly.

3. It is so hard to stay awake. I’m trying to fight jet lag… we will see, however, staying awake is so bloody hard with no one to talk to!

4. If you lack the skills of getting around an airport find someone going to the same place and tag alaong. Two trains later and I was in the right terminal but I don’t know if I could’ve done it alone!

5. I actually really like not having to worry about someone else while on the plane/at the airport. It isn’t all negative traveling alone is fun. There’s no one to judge me and my weak bladder (cough cough Chloé) and I can make a fool of myself and no one will know!

With peace and love.

From Singapore airport.

Cait xx


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