Exam time!

So…. the most dreaded part of the semester has arrived and I am definitely feeling stressed however, my week didn’t start off so bad!

Monday was my first exam and I probably could have sat it a week earlier (not bragging about it just stating the truth). This meant my usual exam stress didn’t hit me like it usually does and it actually scared me how calm I was feeling. Like who is ever calm about exams?!? Well on Monday I was and it was over so fast and life kind of just went on like normal. Which isn’t ‘ME’ at all. I’m an over analyzer. I usually think about my answers to the point where I dream about them but for ECON207 I probably could’ve done the exam in my sleep.

The only weird thing about the exam was getting my watch taken off me?!?! I still do not understand why I mean my watch is an accessory it doesn’t even have number on it so unless the answer was ‘Calvin Klein’ I can’t see me using it to help me with my test and then they just put it at the front of the room so I was sat there thinking what if someone else takes it home with them! But fast forward and I’ve still got my watch and I still don’t know if you can or can’t wear one?!?!

Now here is where my week goes from 0-100 real quick. ACCT311. For the few fortunate (by fortunate I mean extremely unfortunate) people who take this course it is a living nightmare and is on track to be my worst result ever so it has me pretty stressed out. I can’t sleep. I think about the content 24/7. I know the content backwards and forwards. But the lecturer is so damn harsh I’ll be lucky to get a good grade no matter how hard I try and so little me is freaking out and not keen one bit for tomorrow morning whatsoever and is already dreading the dreams once it’s all over tomorrow (will the “living nightmare” turn into a real nightmare? I’ll keep you posted!).

Side note: I saw the above image today and thought what an absolute joke. Instagram captions do not stress me out at all.

Anyway, here’s hoping I pull off the unimaginable and my GPA doesn’t take too much of a hit.

Exams suck but the stress of it all is worse!

Thanks for reading, Cait xx


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