Fighting Winter Blues.

I hate winter with a passion (or without because passion fruits are too damn expensive right now!) and although winter technically hasnt arrived yet it bloody well feels like it has and so below I have compiled a list of things I actually like about winter.

  • Road trips to see the snow. Christchurch is surrounded by awesome places to visit when it snows namely Hamner Springs, Lake Tekapo, Castle Hill and more. This can also help you keep a healthy gram feed in those not so gram worthy months!
  • Wearing thermals because they feel like a constant hug.
  • Movie nights instead of going out because junk food is so much better than a hangover and no one is worrid about their summer bod.
  • Allowing my inner Monkey to grow through as pants mean no one can see the hairs on my legs.
  • Hot chocolate and tea (with lemon, honey and ginger). I am obsessed with tea atm so if anyone wants to go on a tea date hit me up!!
  • I cant not mention the fact it gives you so much more reason to jet off to somewhere warmer. Seriously though 30 degrees in 25 days.
  • If it does actually snow this year that would be a massive plus! Always brings out my inner child and makes for awesome memories to be made.
  • Uni becomes a lot more exciting as the likelihood of slipping over goes from 0-100 very quick. Even better when its not me slipping over.

Leave your own thoughts on winter below in the comments.

Cait xx


13 thoughts on “Fighting Winter Blues.

  1. I hate it too but luckily it’s raining a lot now in drought-stricken Cape Town. The thing is though that houses in South Africa aren’t made for the cold neither are offices. I’m just going to have to wear warm coats etc.

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  2. If you were in Lancaster I’d invite you for a cup of the amazing prickly pear tea I tried at our new vegan place last week. Absolutely agree with you about winter though.

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  3. Coming from Australia, I’m not a winter person at all even though I’ve spent the last 3 winters in the northern hemisphere! Even my skin sheds like a snake and have to moisturise with thick cream twice per day! (Too much information)

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog. 🙂

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  4. It sounds to me as though you might need to have two residences in the future-one in the Southern, one in the Northern Hemisphere. But who knows, you might miss winter too more than anticipated.

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