Second Chances!

Do you believe in giving people second chances? Do you believe you should give yourself a second chance? What does giving a second chance mean?

I believe the term ‘second chance’ can refer to an array of different things. For instance I went skiing once and I hated it. Potentially my hate stems from the fact I embarrassed myself by falling off the magic carpet but nonetheless I believe I hate skiing and have not been since I was a lot younger. It isn’t wrong for me to hate skiing but maybe I should try it again… maybe I should give skiing a second chance. I may end up loving it and finding a new passion in the winter or I may confirm my hate towards skiing but what do I have to lose really. After all life is all about experiences and maybe we should push ourselves to do things we don’t think we will enjoy. For you it may not be skiing it could be something completely different but why not give it another go?

When I think of second chances I often think in terms of giving someone else a second chance and I have found that where a second chance is given often forgiveness or letting go of the past must happen first. I don’t think it is possible to give a fair second chance without these however I do believe you can do this without giving someone a second chance and that can be important to. Forgiveness can be a way of moving forward and a second chance can be a way of moving forward together. I don’t think you can give a second chance without letting go of the past first, if you can’t let go of the past should you be giving a second chance to someone? I think my thoughts resemble how highly I regard giving someone a second chance.

It is also important to let yourself take second chances. Whether within yourself or when others present them to you. Use second chances as a way of proving yourself and as a way of growing. No one is perfect so we can all improve both from within and outwards.

Thanks for reading my ramblings on second chances I have just been thinking about them a lot recently.

Cait xx


2 thoughts on “Second Chances!

  1. I’ve been married 5 times. Once widowed. Each of the 3 men I divorced I gave a 2nd chance.

    However, one of my friends and I had a disagreement and we gave each other a 2nd chance. It worked out well. I had ex-boyfriends I still keep in touch with as friends.

    The key is that both people, you and the one getting the 2nd chance, have to accept certain changes in the relationship. To try continuing the same relationship and expecting a different result is, well…the definition of insanity.

    Wishing you the best of luck. Life isn’t easy, but if it were easy I’d think it would be much too boring. πŸ™‚

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