Looking after yourself in times of stress.

The past couple weeks have been quite weird for me. I have been battling constant headaches, crazy mood swings, a lack of motivation and (sorry to include this, boys skip to the next paragraph) an absolutely fucked up menstrual cycle.

All this has been driving my stress levels up and so ive been working hard to look after myself, however, I am very nervous for a test that I have coming up on Tuesday as I have done nowhere near as much study as I would like.

I’m writing this for myself, to remind to look after myself and also allow you guys to give me any advice. I would honestly appreciate it!

These are the methods I use to look after myself:

  • Meditation often ending up in me taking a nap.
  • Cooking good food. I absolutely love cooking… and who doesn’t love good food.
  • Drinking water. And then drinking more water.
  • Watching too much Netflix (not really helping the study efforts though).
  • Going to the gym. This is probably my favourite way of making my day better.
  • If I am at home getting up and getting dressed makes a big difference instead of lounging around all day.
  • Drinking a cup of tea with honey every night before bed.

The one thing I want myself to work on is talking to people when I need to because I am extremely good at not doing this!

I hope this read was useful and I am a big believer in working on ourselves. Maybe you can think of something you need to work on and try make a conscious effort to do this.

Good luck, thanks for reading.

Cait xx


22 thoughts on “Looking after yourself in times of stress.

  1. I know that as a student you will be short of cash but if you can afford it I seriously recommend a massage. You could book one for after your test as I find it easier to face stressful days if I plan something nice for afterwards. Good luck with your test.

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  2. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and liking my post on overcoming a sedentary lifestyle. From what you outlined above I think you have a very healthy lifestyle. I hope you are able to sustain it as you progress through life and work and/or get married and start a family. On balance you seem to have a very healthy lifestyle. Maybe you need to seek professional help, either medical or psychological. From outside, it sounds like you are on a good track. Good luck!

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  3. I had the same troubles. It felt like I was working against gravity. No matter what I did, I was always tired. If your test doesn’t reveal anything, you might check for Adrenal Fatigue.
    Keep seeking for a reason for the way you feel. I kept changing doctors, but it was my chiropractor who diagnosed me. I now go to a nurse practitioner. She knows more than the doctor and is proactive about my health.

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  4. Working out is a great way to combat stress AND stay in shape…Great going! Sometimes “me” time is as important and enjoyable as socializing 🙂

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