So you’re a student with the Travel Bug!

I have been OBSESSED with travelling ever since I got back from Europe with my Grandmother 5 years ago and this first trip taught me a couple of things;

  1. How much work you need to put in to get overseas, and;
  2. How much more of the world is out there to be explored.

Flash forward to now and the questions friends and family often ask me are “Where are you off to next?” and more importantly “How do you do it?”.

I thought today I’d give my advice to help make your dream trips happen and let you know how I have managed to venture overseas whilst being a student.

By far two of the biggest sacrifices I have made in order to live my best life have been staying at home and working weekends. Living at home saves me SO MUCH MONEY and I am so grateful to have supportive parents. Working weekends was shit on occasion but was always worth it in the end. If you aren’t willing to work weekends but are desperate to travel I definitely suggest trying to find a casual job where you can work loads of hours while on holidays to save!

I have been asked if I use a travel agent and the answer is that it depends. It depends on the nature of the trip and how confident I am doing it myself. I do suggest that you do visit a travel agent and get a quote but generally you can do it cheaper yourself (Bali was literally half the price of what the travel agent quoted) and it isn’t that hard! Dont be scared to do it yourself! If you do decide to use an agent to book your holiday DO NOT get your insurance through them because this is so easy to do yourself and an easy way to save some money! In saying that make sure you do get travel insurance especially when travelling to places like America where a broken arm can cost you $3000 without it!!

You can also save massive amounts of money by booking early (tours booked well in advance save around 15%) or late however early is a much safer bet if you know what you’re wanting to do! Last minute deals can be great for that spontaneous trip away. Also knowing when flights may be on sale can save you heaps! Jetstars annual birthday sale meant I flew to Melbourne last year $210 return. If you’re wanting to fly to Aussie I’d keep an eye out for that one! If you do book your own flights which have connections I cannot stress enough how important it is to book with the an aligned group of airlines (star-alliance) to ensure you get to your final destination as stress free as possible!

I personally also see my accommodation as the place I sleep and don’t feel the need to spend heaps of money on this. As long as where I am staying is clean I am happy and this honestly makes a huge difference to my travel budget. It’s so easy to get your accommodation online as airbnb/trivago make it so simple to find somewhere suitable!

Finally, talk to family around you that have travelled as they will always have good advice and just make smart choices and know how much you can afford while away! If you have any questions or any of your own advice feel free to email me or leave a comment. Good Luck! And don’t forget to keep working hard to make it happen.

70 days till I land in Greece!!!

Cait xx


8 thoughts on “So you’re a student with the Travel Bug!

  1. Tip: Make sure you don’t go to the airport exactly a week after your flight has departed because they 1) really don’t care
    2) charge you $700 for a last-minute domestic flight

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  2. I booked a summer traveling through Central America just by following Rick Steve’s book! And in South America too, I would map out the places that I wanted to visit and when i got there find lodging. Always worked out! It’s so good that you can travel while you’re young! You’ll never have that opportunity again! Life changes when you get old! haha.

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