Blog vs Essay

I am currently on a university “break” and have decided that instead of writing the essay that I should be writing I will procrastinate by beginning this blog!

I am studying in New Zealand at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch and my degree is quite exciting. I am studying to be become an Accountant. People often ask me WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO BE AN ACCOUNTANT? Well I like a challenge and I love accounting… Believe it or not!

University is great! If you enjoy making new friends, drinking too much alcohol and STRESSING THE F*** OUT. Stress and I have become best friends during my time as a student and we have this thing going on where I basically schedule it in to my life eveytime another exam pops up.

My biggest regret right now is that I didnt start this blog a lot earlier although it should be that my economics essay isnt going anywhere at the moment. Classic student right here.

Anyway! Other than allowing everyone to laugh at what goes on in my head due to the stresses of university I also hope to give some advice along the way. Any constructive feedback at any point would be greatly appreciated as I attempt to record my life here.


Cait xx

13 thoughts on “Blog vs Essay

  1. Accountancy… exciting? I could use a whole plethora of words to describe my four years so far working as an accountant, and exciting is not one of them :/
    Well, each to their own and all that 🙂


  2. It’s more interesting than people tend to assume it to be. So many think it’s just mathematics :/
    Good luck with your studies (though seeing as you’ve made it through two years already, you shouldn’t need it) 🙂

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